The P2P EBT Rack and Crane Training method

Facts and Science that helped create the safest, most productive exercise training system in the world perfect for every human being regardless of gender, age or ability. Successfully used by Olympic Collegiate and Pro-Athletes, SWAT,

Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers, Parents, Coaches of all levels, 

High School and Middle School Students of all Abilities. 

P2P Fit and Safe Proudly introduce the most versatile, small group full body training apparatus and system in the world known as :

The P2P E.B.C.

The P2P EBC Crane Training System is truly the first system that allows the trainee to use maximum muscular effort from the very first second of the exercise to the very last. There is not a system in the world that remotely comes close to this technique. The science and testing that backs the P2P EBC Crane Training System are as follows...

It is a proven fact that a Mechanical Crane is a powerful, well designed & built piece of equipment, that operates at its maximum capacity when its balance mechanisms (outriggers) stabilize the unit soundly & firmly onto the ground. With this stabilizing effort in place, the crane can then operate safely and efficiently while exerting 100% of its power towards its intended purpose. If these outriggers are not in place, the effort and efficiency of this crane are reduced by well over 50% of its ability due to the unstable and unsafe environment it must overcome. Furthermore, when the cranes stabilizing and balance mechanism are not in place, this is when almost all breaks, tears, fractures and unwanted wear & tear occur and ultimately slow and eventually shut the machine down completely. 

The human body and its dynamics are no different in its application to similar to that of the functionality of a crane. During exercise training with powerful movements and balance stabilization; longevity and peak overall performance of the body relies on the stable base of the body during this activity. As with a crane without stability, the tensile strength of even the strongest steel is no match for the tension forces and gravity of unstable & weighted machines and ultimately begins to break. The balance and ballast does not have a solid base to safely and efficiently perform its duties, thus forces move it due to its susceptibility to undesired movements. The human bodies design functions in a similar need for stabilization when performing power movements.

Some of the components of The P2P EBC that set it apart from conventional exercise equipment and programs are:

Self Spotting

The P2P EBC was designed to be completely self spotting. This allows each participant to exercise to the maximum of their ability, this technique allows for the mind and body connection and will allow each trainee to give themselves the exact amount of help to push farther than any normal exercise would ever allow. This is the ultimate in progressing on a consistent level whether athlete or not. This is simply spectacular. 

Immediately Adjustable Both Horizontally and Vertically 

The P2P EBC was specifically designed to fit each and every human being perfectly as if the apparatus was designed just for them. The apparatus will adjust immediately both horizontally and vertically to work ideally for each and every body type, shape and size. 

Small Group Training 

This Training system was designed to be used in a small or large group setting for many reasons. We will at some point in our lives work with others in many different circumstances. This training is an excellent proven training platform that will prepare and benefit each the remainder of their lives 

Training In Under 30 Minutes

This training was originally designed for USA Military Soldiers. Time was and still is of great importance. The system had to produce second to none and had to be done in less than 30 minutes. Once introduced to the civilian population nothing changed. Most of us do not have the time nor desire to spend hours exercising, days and lives are busy. Most could not believe that true results could be achieved in under 30 minutes. It took one session on the P2P EBC and every doubt was erased and so will yours. 

What is the Character Training and Why

Team P2P Fit and Safe are firm believers that strong character is a must. Each participant will be given the weekly strong character trait and will be challenged to not only memorize the trait and its definition but to focus and apply that trait to their lives each and every day that week and from then on. Strong character is a game changer and will benefit everyone. 

15 Weeks of workouts prepared 

We at P2P Fit and Safe strategically developed and will include 15 weeks of training. This will include training for two training sessions per week, each week will go up in intensity and difficulty. As you progress so will the workout intensity and demands. 

Very Important upon completion of the 15 weeks we recommend starting over at week # 1. This will allow the body to actively recover and progress even further. 

Perfect Insert Into Your Current Training 

This training system was created and designed to be used by itself OR mixed in with your current training program. Both Ways will produce amazing results. If you make the P2P EBC the only training you do, we recommend doing the training twice per week with a one or more rest days in between each training session. If you insert 

The P2P EBC into your current training program we recommend training the system once per week along with your current training. Both tactics will produce truly significant results. 

Perfect Form

The P2P EBC Training system was designed to teach & train the trainee to start and keep perfect form thru the entire training routine. This results in the safest training routine on the market. Besides the safety factor, perfect form throughout a full range of motion, this allows for exerting maximum muscular effort resulting in an astounding improvement in muscular strength & pure explosiveness. 


Another very powerful benefit to The P2P EBC is the versatility of the program and those who can benefit from it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Professional, College or High School Athlete; the benefits this will bring to your training are unprecedented. 

Even if you are not an athlete at all, this system will benefit you in a extremely Powerful way. The self-spotting system is designed to be the perfect fit for every human being in the world. It is truly in a league of its own. You determine your full amount of exertion within the time duration of the exercise. You want maximum results; give maximum exertion throughout the exercise.

This program enhances Maximum Strength Training, Endurance Training and Injury Prevention Maintenance Programming, focusing on the entire person, not just physically but truly focusing on mental and strong character to serve each well the remainder of their lives. This training was designed to have a generational impact. 

Time Of Travel (T.O.T.)

The P2P EBC has designed and implements its trademarked concept of Maximum Effort with infinite Times Of Travel. With the self-spotting system and the trainee is able to now perform each & every exercise thru a full range of motion while exerting maximum muscular effort all while maintaining perfect form. This concept of using Isometric Contraction as well as Eccentric and Concentric intervals in the TOT is a must. This concept will take the body to a very powerful level both in neuromuscular appreciation and mental aptitude.

Static Holds

The science behind static hold training is extensive. The bottom line is that if done properly, static holds add tremendous strength to the human muscular-skeletal system. Key to this is that it must be done properly. Until now, a static hold was done with a selected weight and once the body could not hold the selected weight, the set came to an end. Also, this was performed prior to the body being performed at maximum effort. Until now, this will be performed from the very first second until completion. With the “self-spotting” system, each & every individual will have the ability to perform a static hold, pushing or pulling against an immovable object at 100% of their strength & ability. The result is a rapid and dramatic increase in overall body strength & pure explosiveness.

Rapid Fire Speed Repetitions

Rapid Fire Speed Reps previously were always more dangerous than productive simply because of the fact the trainee was moving a weighted object in a pure speed fashion very quickly resulted in improper form and ultimately an injury. Now with the ability for each individual to “self-spot" themselves during the entire exercise, using perfect form along with maximum effort, Rapid Fire Speed Repetitions are back & here to stay. The ability to now safely perform as many repetitions as possible in a set amount of time through a full range of motion all in a safe and structured environment is producing results that once were only a distant goal but have now become a reality. 

First Step Xplosion Band Training

A First Step is a winning step. With our First Step Xplosion Training, the trainee will develop the mindset and strengthen the connectors within the body to increase explosive power, speed, and a competitive edge.

Heavy Bag Sports Specific Training, and Situational Awareness Safety and Security Training. 

With The P2P EBC Crane Training System, it is our belief that if it this done one thousand times correctly in practice, it will be done one thousand times correctly on game day. This is why we have developed The P2P EBC Heavy Bag Sports Specific Training Regimen. Regardless of what sport, the trainee will perform the strategies they will need and use come game day. The trainee will perform & perfect these movements over & over again on the P2P EBC Heavy Bag. This adds a new dimension to “Practice makes Perfect”, therefore if you “Practice greatness then greatness shall be achieved.” 

We at P2P Fit and Safe do not support promote or endorse violence or fighting in any way shape or form. We do want our youth and all to be prepared in case of an unforeseen emergency. This system uses the heavy bag for many real-life scenarios. This training will include how to get out of a dangerous, possibly life-threatening situation quickly and efficiently. Training will prepare the trainee to get someone to safety through carrying or properly pulling them to safety. 

Real Life Situations happen daily. We must all be ready and prepared. 

Acute Stress 

When the body is under extreme duress either in a conditioned or unconditioned state, it must transform through several physiological states. The P2P EBC assists in the training at these high levels of physiologic and mental stressors to condition the body to adapt to these changes. When the body and mind are conditioned, stress becomes less of a factor towards distraction but more of a factor of motivation to perform.

This training of the “Fight or Flight” neurotransmission mechanism puts this system above the others as it has the ability to push the entire human muscular-skeletal system thru all 3 phases of human muscular strength. Thus the body reacts in the same way during acute stress and with training on The P2P EBC, the body, nervous system and mind are being strengthened and trained to react during periods of acute stress with power, calmness, and focus. This is done through advancement in training techniques called The P2P EBC Crane Training System. In this technique, the body is centered and grounded with all focus directed towards the exertion and its duress rather than wasted movements.

The P2P EBC utilizes Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Stamina through a complete range of functional motion as well as improving mental focus and determined emotional stability. This program meets the cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory requirements needed in High Intensity Training and is being used in both performance and wellness enhancement settings.

In Closing

This training system took ten plus years of research and development until completion. This system was designed to strengthen every aspect of the participant regardless of age, gender or ability. Designed to help build and maintain a strong body, mind, and character. Designed to help instill leadership qualities, help boost self-confidence, to produce results that until now most only hoped for. When you combine this with the Situational Awareness Safety and Security Training / Cops and Kids Bridging the Gap Training / Enough is Enough The Voice Against All Bullying Training / Teacher and Staff Safety and Wellness Training / Suicide Awareness and Wellness Training and Social Media Safety, Awareness and Education Training, you now have a program that belongs in every school across this nation / across the world. There should not be one student, one child, not one person that should not be able to have access to this program. 

We have partnered with Safer Schools Foundation, a 501c3 organization that has joined us in our efforts to help get this critical training to any and all. This program is a must. You can view our partners at