Valor Fitness Warranty Information

Warranty Information

The Valor Fitness Warranty covers all of our products for intended use only simply meaning, use the product how it is meant to be used with the appropriate corresponding equipment and exercises. As a fitness company, we encourage vigorous use of our products and if you encounter a problem, give us a call toll free at 844-277-1641 or email us at, and we will gladly take care of you.

  • Bars:3 Year Warranty under use with specified weight load guidelines as outlined in the website product listings and while not used improperly- see notes below.

Note: Under normal use (Bench Press, deadlifts, squats etc.) the Olympic bars with last years. Recently, with the growth in the CrossFit-like industry where workouts involve dropping the bars repetitively, bars with a bolted end (as opposed to a bearing) will eventually un-thread. This happens from constant impact that the bar was not designed to take on. Our website warranty page demonstrates this damage with a side by side of a bolt taken from a bar that has been used in the recommended fashion for at least a year and a comparison bolt that has been taken from a bar with repetitive dropping exercises. Illustrated is the wear on the bolt threads concluding to the end result of bar failure.

  • Bumper Plates 2 Year Warranty under normal use. Warranty does not cover damage to 10lb plates caused by dropping with only the 10lb plates on the bar (example: clean jerk).

Note: The BP-10, BPP-10 and BPX-10 Bumper Plate are NOT designed or intended to be dropped on the bar without any additional weight plates. Product testing and development has shown that by dropping an Olympic Bar (See bar note) while using only 10lb plates can result in damage and compromise the integrity of the 10lb plate. During our product testing however, it was also discovered that using at least a 25lb plate (BP-25, BPP-25, BPX-25) in conjunction with the 10lb plates, the damage does not occur. Furthermore, Valor Fitness warranty does not cover damage to the BP-10, BPP-10 or BPX-10 plates caused by this improper use nor damage to plates caused by resting the bar on the floor using only 10lb plates as similar damage may occur.

  • Chin Up Bars: 5 Year warranty under normal use. Warranty does not cover damage caused by exposure to the elements (rust, etc.)
  • Conditioning Bands: 1 Year Warranty for use as intended for stretching and resistance exercises alone or in conjunction with bar exercises. Warranty does not cover damage due to bands being used as a harness.
  • Fitness Machines: 3 Year Frame, 2 Year Pad, 2 Year Cable, 1 Year Popper Pin, 1 Year Hardware
  • Foam Rollers: 1 Year Warranty under normal, intended use only. (Yoga, Stretching etc.)
  • Kettle Bells: 3 Year Warranty under normal, intended use. Warranty does not cover damage due to dropping or throwing.
  • Lifting Chains / Collars: 5 Year Warranty.
  • Misc. Items: 1 Year Warranty on all items not specified herein. Warranty covers against defects in manufacturer s workmanship.
  • Olympic Plates: 3 Year Warranty under normal, intended use. Warranty does not cover damage due to substituting Olympic Plates (OP-10, OP-25, OP-35, OP-45, and OP-55) as Bumper Plates, nor does warranty cover damage due to dropping or slamming plates (Example: Clean Jerk)
  • PBX Plyo Box: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover damage due to use or cosmetic imperfections/damage due to use.

Note: Be sure to use caution and care when assembling the unit, do not over tighten screws as it may cause wood to dimple, chip and/or snag on flooring surfaces.

  • Pulleys: 1 Year Warranty
  • Ropes: 1 Year Warranty. Warranty does not cover damage caused by use on rough surfaces nor does the warranty cover soiling or staining from outdoor use. 1 year warranty. Warranty does not cover commercial use.
  • RX Medicine Balls: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturers defect. Medicine balls are NOT intended to be used as a slam ball, nor bounced off of a rough surface. Damage due to improper use causing the ball to pop or split open will not be covered.
  • Slam Balls: 1 Year Warranty under normal, recommended use. Warranty does not cover damage caused by use on a rough surface or damage due to over-inflating or deflating the air in the ball. Recommended PSI for Valor Fitness slam balls is between 5-7psi.
  • Wall Balls: 1 Year Warranty under normal, recommended use. Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, using wall balls as a slam ball , or puncture damage to outer shell.
  • Weight Belts: 2 Year Warranty.

Valor Fitness warranty may require the item to be returned to Valor Fitness at the owners expense for inspection. Images of damage to products may be required to be emailed to use prior to issuing a return authorization. Warranty issued to the original purchaser only- non transferable. Proof of purchase may be required for warranty claims. Valor Fitness retains the right to inspect the item(s) and determine the best method to make our customer whole, either by replacing the item(s) with an exact or similar item(s), partial or full refund or product credit towards future purchases. All warranty claims must be made within the specified time period as noted. Valor Fitness generic warranty states 3 Year Frame, 2 Year Pad, 2 Year Cable, 1 Year Popper Pin is intended where applicable. Some products may not come with a bench, therefore the stated pad warranty would not apply etc.

Warranty terms are specified above and begin from date of purchase to the original purchaser only, non-transferable. Any claim made during this warranty period does not extend the warranty. (In other words, a new warranty period does not start over again once a product has been repaired or replaced. The original warranty period still stands and will expire as stated above.)

Please call toll free 844-277-1641 or 727-895-9525 to make a warranty claim. Customers may also email Valor Fitness at

This warranty is intended to supersede any previous warranty either written or implied by all third parties or Valor Athletics Inc.