WRSC Certification Test

The Final Steps to Becoming BFS Certified

If you completed the Practical Component of the BFS WRSC in the past year, you are halfway towards completing the new, upgraded BFS WRSC. All you need to do to finish the WRSC is to take the theory portion, which consists of reading our upgraded study materials and passing a multiple-choice / true false test. This will provide written proof that you understand how to design and supervise safe and effective workouts, workouts based upon an organization that has been helping athletes succeed for over 35 years.

BFS WRSC Test Overview

Note: Test Must be Taken within 45 Days of Completion of Practicum

The BFS WRSC Test is an Open-Book test which contains 102 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions.
You must answer 90 of the Questions correctly to Pass.
You must complete the Test to receive a Passing Score.
If you Fail the Test, you may Retake the Test again at No Cost.
As this is an Open-Book Test you may use the BFS Certification Study Guide.

What You Will Need

  1. The Email Address/Username You Provided to Us When You Paid for the WRSC.
  2. The Password We Emailed to You When You Completed the Practical Portion of the WRSC.
  3. The WRSC Study Guide Provided in the WRSC Box.

Registration Instructions to Take Test

  1. Enter Your Email Address / Username and Password and Click the "Submit" Button.
  2. Follow the Instructions in the Next Window that will Open.
  3. If You are Using a Pop-Up Blocker it MUST BE TURNED OFF
Email Address/Username: Password:  

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