WRSC Renewal

Keep Your Program at the Top by Renewing your BFS WRSC

Welcome to the BFS WRSC Online Renewal Process. By choosing to renew your Professional Certification you are demonstrating to peers, athletes, and students that you are keeping up to date and reinforcing your dedication of continuing your own education for safety and peak athletic performance.
BFS understands the importance of this and has joined in your commitment by adding new resources along with new issues of the digital BFS Magazine. With your paid renewal we are now offering the BFS Online Learning Center where you will have your own private access to proprietary BFS Instruction Videos, Photos, Downloadable PDF Files and other Learning Materials
You will also stay up to date with BFS because the BFS Online Learning Center is updated throughout the year with new material to keep you and your athletes completely informed.

Click here "Renew My Certification" you will be taken to the BFS Renewal product to purchase your renewal for $99.95 that is good for one year, which includes:
  • Notifications for all new online digital issues of the BFS Magazine
  • One Year Access to the BFS Online Learning Center
  • Your Printed Certificate

Payment can be made by:

Credit Card or Faxed Purchase Order that is received within three (3) business days.

Within ten business days of your paid credit card order, or received faxed purchase order, you will receive instructions on how to sign-into the BFS Online Learning Center and your Printed Certificate will be mailed to you via USPS.

3 Step Reinstatement Timeline:

  1. 30 Day grace period - If your WRSC has lapsed within the previous 30 days you may renew with no penalty. Simply pay the $99.95 renewal fee.
  2. After 30 days coaches must recertify by taking the online test and pay a reinstatement fee of $30 plus the $99.95 renewal fee. Total cost is $129.95
  3. If your WRSC has lapsed for more than 1 full year coaches will be required to become recertified through the entire WRSC procedure including attending a certification course and passing the online exam at the full WRSC price of $399.

We compliment every teacher, coach, and professional that BFS has certified over the past 8 years. You should be proud of this accomplishment. At BFS we truly believe we have reached a point in time where every person that works with K thru 12th grade students in the weight room must be certified. Whether we like it or not, lawyers have found weight rooms to be fertile ground for lawsuits. It is critical for all Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, and School Corporations to have as much protection as possible. NEVER MISREPRESENT YOURSELF!

It is always disappointing to learn of Coaches and Teachers that have let their certification lapse, but much worse than that is learning that a teacher/coach that has been terminated continues to present themselves as certified.

Misrepresentation of any kind can create a lot of trouble for teachers and coaches. I advise all teachers and coaches that have allowed their certification to lapse to please report their lapse to administers and remove the credential from their resume. Most importantly, if you have your certificate on display (hanging in the weight room or office) you will want to take it down.

Click Here "Renew My Certification"


In many cases, you might still be eligible for reinstatement. I encourage anyone that thinks they might have lapsed to please contact us. We can review your personal situation and see if you are still in good standing or if you are eligible to be reinstated. Call 800-628-9737 or click "Renew My Certification"


WRSC In-Depth Information

For over 35 years BFS has been the number-one source of information on strength and conditioning for the nation’s athletes and coaches. BFS encourages all coaches and instructors who supervise strength and conditioning programs to become certified for the following reasons:

LIABILITY. A certified strength and conditioning coach has proof in a court of law that he or she has reached a specific level of proficiency, and any school district or college will find that desirable
EDUCATION. The process of becoming certified tends to motivate most coaches to learn more about strength and conditioning. Hence, they become better and everyone benefits – the athletes most of all.
CONFIDENCE. Being certified breeds more confidence among athletes, parents and other coaches. The handsome certificate that BFS issues will make a statement of professionalism and will look great when framed and displayed in your office.
CAREER. Being certified can help you get jobs, as many schools and health clubs make certification a prerequisite for employment.