BFS Total Program Book

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The Classic Book that Started it All
  • Completely Updated and Expanded
  • Learn the Complete BFS Training Philosophy
  • Program Design and Speed Development
  • Weight Room Design and Safety
  • It's a Must for Every Serious Strength Coach


    Table of Contents

    Part 1:     The Total Program

    1  Unified Approach to Training
    2  BFS Rotational Set-Rep System
    3  BFS In-Season Training
    4  BFS Readiness Program
    Part 2: Strength Exercises
    5  Six Absolutes of Perfect Technique
    6  Parallel Squat and Squat Variations
    7  Power Clean and Quick Lifts
    8  Hex-Bar Deadlift and Deadlift Variations
    9  Bench Press and Bench Press Variations
    10  Sport-Specific Auxilliary Lifts
    Part 3: Speed, Agility, and Flexibility
    11  Agility and the BFS Dot Drill
    12  Five-Phase Plyometric Program
    13  Speed Training
    14  BFS 1-2-3-4 Flexibility Program
    Part 4: Program Administration
    15  Organization and Weightroom Design
    16  Safety and Liability
    17  BFS Nutritional Plan
    18  Be an Eleven
    19  Why Steroids Don't Work
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