Body-Solid - Solid Accessory Stand & Accessory Package



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Body-Solid Accessory Stand & Accessory Package

A selection of popular cable attachments prepackaged with a storage stand.

The VDRA30 is perfect for storing and organizing multiple accessory bars, ropes, straps and even dumbbells. It's a perfect addition to any Home Gym. The VDRA30 can hold up to 36 items in a very efficient and compact space.

36"H x 14"w x 14"L.

This is the Storage Stand and complete accessory package of training room accessories including:

  • 1 - Body-Solid Accessory Stand (VDRA30)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Balanced V-Bar (MB507RG)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Multi Purpose Bar (MB503RG)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Revolving Curl Bar (MB229RG)
  • 1 - Revolving Curl Bar (MB229)
  • 2 - Pro-Grip Stirrup Handle (MB501RG)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Seated Row/Chin Bar (MB502RG)
  • 1 - Seated Row/Chin Bar (MB502)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Tricep Pressdown Bar (MB504RG)
  • 1 - Triceps Pressdown Bar (MB504)
  • 2 - Triceps Rope (TR20)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Revolving Straight Bar (MB022RG)
  • 1 - Revolving Straight Bar (MB022)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Lat Bar (MB148RG)
  • 1 - Pro-Grip Lat Bar Pro (MB438RG)
  • 2 - Adjustable Nylon Stirrup Handle (NB59)