Body-Solid - PCL SDKR 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack



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Body Solid - PCL SDKR 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack

The SDKRKB Kettlebell shelf can hold a variety of KB Kettlebells, KBC Premium Kettlebells, KBL Kettleballs, or KBV Vinyl Kettlebells. The SDKRKB has a surface space of 59" x 12". Use the chart below to determine the approximate amount of kettlebells each shelf can hold.


5LB 5.80" 5.50" 8.27" 6.30"
8LB N/A N/A N/A 6.30"
10LB 6.80" 5.50" 9.45" 7.09"
12LB N/A N/A N/A 8.27"
15LB 7.00" 7.30" 9.84" 7.87"
20LB 7.50" 7.3.0" 10.24" 8.66"
25LB 7.50" 7.40" 10.24" 9.45"
30LB 7.50" 7.80" 11.02" 9.45"
35LB 7.50" 7.80" 10.63" N/A
40LB 7.50" 7.80" 11.81" N/A
45LB 7.50" 7.80" 11.02" N/A
50LB 7.80" 7.50" 11.42" N/A
55LB 7.80" 7.80" 11.42" N/A
60LB 8.00" 8.00" 11.42" N/A
65LB 8.00" 8.00" N/A N/A
70LB 8.00" 8.30" N/A N/A
75LB 8.00" 8.80" N/A N/A