Body-Solid - PCL SDKR 2 Tier Med Ball Rack


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Body Solid - PCL SDKR 2 Tier Med Ball Rack

The SDKRMB Medicine Ball shelf can hold a variety of BSTMB Medicine Balls, BSTDMB Dul-Grip Medicine Balls, MSTSMB Soft Medicine Balls or BSTHB Slam Balls. The SDKRMB shelf has a width of 59". Use the chart below to determine the approximate amount of Medicine Balls each shelf can hold.


2LB 7.90" N/A N/A
4LB 7.90" N/A N/A
6LB 8.70" 12.00" 14.00"
8LB 8.70" 12.00" 14.00"
10LB 9.10" 12.00" 14.00"
12LB 10.00" 12.00" 14.00"
14LB 10.60" 12.00" 14.00"
16LB 11.20" 12.00" 14.00"
18LB N/A 12.00" 14.00"
20LB 11.20" 12.00" 14.00"
25LB 11.20" 12.00" 14.00"
30LB 11.20" N/A 14.00"


10LB 10.00"
15LB 10.00"
20LB 10.00"
25LB 10.00"
30LB 10.00"