Custom Set-Rep Log Books

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Title: Custom Set-Rep Log Books (Custom Order)

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 Customized Especially for Your School - $9.95 Each 

Minimum Order of 50

  • The Set Rep Log Book is over 50 Pages - Record Keeping Book,
    for All Athletes, Regardless of Sport.

    New and expanded for 2021!

    The BFS Set Rep Log Book is a cornerstone of the BFS Total Program that has been vital to the success of tens of thousands of school athletic and PE programs for 45 years!

    This year’s edition is expanded with record-keeping for more performance tests than ever before and offers extra logs for auxiliaries, and variations of the BFS Core Lifts.

    Now an All New Plyometric section incorporates the BFS Speed and Plyo Program directly into the BFS Set Rep Log Book. Explosive power and leaping are now tracked and maximized as athletes improve their strength and conditioning with the BFS Total Program!

    New to the BFS Total Program? Learn More HERE 

    • Complete Instructions for recording Core Lifts, variations and auxiliary lifts:
      1. Sets and Reps
      2. Personal Records
      3. Performance Records
      4. Speed and Plyo
    • Designed to Last One Year

    • Complete Instructions and 24 Full Pages to Record:
      1. Sets and Reps
      2. Personal Records
      3. Times and Much More
    • Designed to Last One Year


      BFS Set-Rep Cards, Books and Videos are TRADEMARKED Products.
      It is Illegal to Reproduce These Items in Full or in Partial Form.