Ultra Pro G2 8' Half Rack

SKU: 5DY700102

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The Ultra Pro G2 Racks are the newest rack to hit the industry. With more customization options, this rack brings a new standard of quality to the strength world. 5” x 3” uprights made from 7 gauge steel, and 28 inch spotter arms all powdered coated in a durable textured powder coat finish makes this the most dominating rack in the industry. Talk to a BFS sales representative about all the capabilities and custom options available. 800-628-9737


UHMW Elevated UHMW channel eliminates lifting bar from all metal on metal contact.

MULTI GRIP CHIN BAR Allows for wide or narrow grip chin ups. Included ball grips.

ATTACHMENTS Allows for any our Ultra Pro attachments for maximizing space utilization.

LASER CUT NUMBERS Makes the right bar or safety adjustments simple.

28IN SAFETY ARMS Insures athlete safety with extended safe zone.

WEIGHT PEGS Patented tapered design eliminates plates from sliding off and injuring athletes.

LOCK NOTCH Designed to ensure a hard anchor point to ensure athlete safety.

CHROME WRAP Gives it a sleek and professional look while ensuring product durability.

5" X 3" Steel Frame
7 Gauge Metal Thickness
3/4" Steel Locking Pins
2" Adjustable Anchor Point Increments
2 Bar Storage
Hybrid Weld and Bolt Frame
75" W x 95" H x 64" L
550 Lbs
10 Weight Pegs
28" Safety Arms
Made In USA
75" W x 95" H x 64" L
550 Lbs

Technique Trays
Dip Stations
Jammer Arms
Bar/Band Storage
Band Pegs
Split Squat Roller
Rope Pull
Spotter Stands
Functional Trainers
Lat-Low Row
Single Cable Columns
Reverse Hyper
Rack Connectors
Annex Storage