RM/EPC 1.5 Cast-Iron, Machined Plates w/Machined, Chromed End Plate

SKU: 5IV-RM-EPC-5-50

RM/EPC Fixed Dumbbells.

Offered in 2-1/2 & 5 lb. increments.

+ 30mm drop forged #1026 handle.
+ Grade 8 custom-fabricated bolts.
+ Machined, cast-iron poly-baked plates.
+ Machined steel end plates, chrome-plated.
+ 5 & 7-1/2 lb. dumbbells not available with end plates.
+ Assembled in the USA.

Note: three optional US-made 35mm handles available: in stainless steel with hard chrome finish, in high-carbon steel with hard chrome or black oxide finish (SDH-35, see inset photo). Machined from one piece solid round. Original IVANKO styling. Avoid the imitations!