RUB/EPR Rubber-Encased Cast-Iron Plate w/Rubber End Plate



Since we introduced the industry's first rubber dumbbell in 1983, we've refined and fine-tuned the design 51 times -- every time we saw a way to give clubs and their members something better.  Like greater durability, advanced odor reduction, or more eye-catching styling.  You could settle for something that looks like one our earlier designs.  But, if you want your members to have the finest rubber dumbbell there is, give them a dumbbell that is 51 steps closer to perfection.

Offered in 2-1/2,  5 lb. or 2 kg increments.

+ Available in pounds or kilos.
+ Available in 2-1/2 lb. increments from 7.5 to 57.5 lbs.
+ Rubber encased IVANKO RUB plates.
+ 30mm handle is drop forged from one piece of solid, 1026 steel.
+ Handle, with deep-set knurling, is triple chrome plated with a nickel base.
+ Bolt Custom-fabricated (Grade 8) - 55% bigger, 60% longer, 33% stronger.
+ All dumbbells are assembled in-house to Ivanko Perma-Lock(tm) spec.
+ Assembled in the USA from US and foreign components.

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Note: three optional US-made 35mm handles available: in stainless steel with hard chrome finish, in high-carbon steel with hard chrome or black oxide finish (SDH-35, see inset photo). Machined from one piece solid round. Original IVANKO styling. Avoid the imitations!