Squat Rack

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The Squat Rack is an essential piece of kit in any gym facility. It supports Olympic bar training movements that target the quadriceps and gluteus maximus. With the increasing popularity of powerlifting and squats, this unit combines two common training types that ensure it’ll be well-used amongst members.  Whether casual weight lifting or looking for the best home gym exercise, few movements trump the squat.  Luckily this heavy-duty piece of equipment is not just a one-trick pony!

Our rack selection is designed for heavy-duty use. We prioritize high-quality materials and proven manufacturing processes to ensure our products are of the highest durability. Commercial-grade steel is used to create a robust frame that can withstand the demands of weight training. Our manufacturing processes and material selection place an emphasis on durability, so you can be confident that our free weight and rack range will last for the long term.

Squat Rack | 5MDMD-SR

• laser cut multiple bar positions for different height positions
• use as a squat rack or for strength training use with adjustable benches
• extended lower safety ladder with protective surface
• two Olympic plate holders on each side.
• (note: bench not included)
• 64″ l x 28″ w x 87″ h, 500 lb
• 163 cm x 71 cm x 221 cm, 227 kg