ST Multi-Function Rack - York

SKU: 5YK54000

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The YORK® Multi-Function Rack comes standard with:

  1. Combo Grip Pull-up Bar – one, 8’ high, 28 mm knurled, solid cold rolled steel bar with 135-degree v-shape in the center for additional grip options.
  2. Double bar holders – one pair. (#54001)
  3. Interior Safety Spot Arms – one pair. (#54011)
  4. Bench stringer – one. (#54008)
  5. Weight storage – Scuff-resistant weight storage pegs for 45, 35, 25, 10, 5 and 2.5 lbs plates.
  6. Stainless steel hook-plates – rear upright is adjustable to 19 positions on 3” center increments, accommodating a wide range of heights. The front upright is adjustable to 15 positions on 3” center increments.
  7. Two welded vertical bar holders.

*Bench and Spot Arms Sold Separately


YORK® Multi-Function Rack Options

Item #
Double Bar Holder (Pair) 54001
Reverse Technique Scoops (Pair) 54002
Reverse Safety Spot Arms (Pair, shown) 54003
Multi-Fucntion Bench (White) 54004
Reverse Dip Attachment 54005
Single Bar Holder (Pair) 54012
Inset for multi-function rack – 54000, 55000 or power rack or triple combo rack power rack side – 67.25” 54250
Multi-Fucntion Bench (Silver) 55004


Dimensions 42” width between uprights
Inside dimensions Length 76” x Width 67” x Height 96”