Torque X-SERIES ACCESSORY - Grip Plate Station Package - 6 Foot Bar


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Torque X-SERIES ACCESSORY - Grip Plate Station Package - 6 Foot 35lb Bar - GPSP6

  • Model: GPSP6 & GPSP7
  • Grip Plates/Bar/Collars
  • 220 lbs

The Standard Olympic Bar Grip Plate Package are a convenient way to make sure you have the right amount of weight and bars for each station on an X-Rack or for an individual X-Cage.

Each package includes a standard Olympic bar, black rubber grip plates, and a pair of spring collars.  The GPSP6 includes our O6B 6′ Standard Olympic Bar and the GPSP7 includes our O7B 7′ Standard Olympic Bar.

Complete package includes:

  • 1    Standard Olympic Bar
  • 2   Z4GP2.5  2.5 lb Grip Plates
  • 2   Z4GP5   5 lb Grip Plates
  • 2   Z4GP10  10 lb Grip Plates
  • 2   Z4GP25  25 lb Grip Plates
  • 4   Z4GP45  45 lb Grip Plates
  • 2   SC2   X-Series Collars