Torque Medicine Balls



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Our medicine balls are a versatile total body training tool that help you to develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability, and joint integrity. Medicine balls can be easily integrated into a range of exercises so that you can target the specific muscle groups that you want to tone.  

Torque's medicine balls feature a durable rubber construction with a high-grip texture.  Each ball has Imperial and Metric markings that show the pound and kilogram weight of each ball.

Our medicine balls are available in the following weights:

  • 4LB/1.8KG
  • 6LB/2.7KG
  • 8LB/3.6KG
  • 10LB/4.5KG
  • 12LB/5.5KG
Our rubber medicine balls can be used on their own for light bouncing, and air can be added for more bounce. The X6ATMBP accessory package includes one each and fits perfectly on 6’ accessory trays on X-Racks and X-Storage Stations. The X4MBPI accessory packages each include 4 Slam Balls and are designed to fill one X-Create Storage tray. If you are looking for a no-bounce exercise ball, explore our collection of Torque Slam Balls!