Torque X-SERIES - Endless Rope Drum


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Torque X-SERIES - Endless Rope Drum - XERD

  • Variable resistance magnetic brake
  • Attaches to X-Rack, X-Lab, X-Create, X-Siege, and Cages

Endless Rope Attachment for X-Rack, X-Lab, X-Create, X-Siege systems and the Torque Power Cage.

  • Safe alternative to ceiling rope climbing
  • Soft braided rope for easy and comfortable grip
  • Magnetic / bidirectional mechanism with automatically adjustable resistance
  • Delivers isokinetic and aerobic exercise
  • Resistance levels from 10 lb (4 kg) to 100 lb (45 kg)
  • Torque Storm Grey color
  • Compatible with most X-Rack and X-Lab Packages and Power Cages.
  • Attaches to any X-Rack rectangular cross, vertical upright, or Monkey Bar Cross.
  • Product height when attached to X-Racks = 114.5 in (291 cm)
  • Product height when attached to X-Labs = 107.0 in (272 cm)