Torque X-LAB - X-Lab Center - X6 Package


Torque X-LAB - X-Lab Center - X6 Package - XLC-X6-01

  • 6 Pull-up/12 Suspension Anchors
  • 12 Resistance Band Stations
  • Large Group Training

The X-Lab Center X6 package expands the versatility and the number of available pull-up/suspension anchor locations and works best in a rectangular space.  Available in Illusion Red, Illusion Orange, and Platinum.  Every color option is coated with a durable clear coat.

Included in X6 Package:

  • 6 Pull-up/12 Suspension Anchor Locations
  • 12 Resistance Band Stations
  • 2 Ball Targets
  • 2 Ground Rotational Trainers
  • 1 Dip Station
  • 1 Plyo-Step Station
  • 4 Accessory Trays
  • 4 Step-up/Battle Rope Anchors

X-Labs can be customized and scaled to meet your needs and number of users with training station and storage options.  See the X-Series Components below for a complete list of options and contact us for any custom requests.

All X-Labs are required to be secured to the floor.

Download Full List of X-Series Components