Torque X-SIEGE - 4 X 6 Foot Siege Storage Rack - X1 Package


Torque X-SIEGE - 4 X 6 Foot Siege Storage Rack - X1 Package - XSS-6-4-X1

  • Back to Back Half Cages
  • Two Lifting Stations
  • More Weight Storage
  • Customizable
  • Model: XSS-6-4-X1

Similar to the 4 x 4 Siege Storage Rack, this freestanding 4 x 6 foot double sided half cage system does not need to be bolted to the floor and includes back to back cages with even more storage capabilities. With sixteen 11.5 inch-long, injection-molded, nylon-covered weight storage pegs for bumper or plate storage, you will have plenty of room to store any weights that you or your team could need. Included in the package, you get two multi-grip crosses as well as two sets of bar supports and bar catches.  

Interested in equipment that could handle a larger group workout? Check out the 24 x 6 Foot Siege Storage Rack – X1 Package.

All X-Siege systems can be customized to fit your exact specifications. Contact us today to learn more! 800-628-9737

Available in 5 different colors: Storm Grey, High Wear Red, Blue, Orange, and Platinum.  Available optional upright heights: 9 ft & 8 ft

Main Options / Substitutions

  • Ball Target
  • Pull-up Crosses
  • Dip/Step/Attachment Anchor
  • Upper Band Peg Attachment
  • Upright Colors & 8′ Height Option
  • Platform & Insert
  • Ground Rotational Trainer
  • Battle Rope Anchor
  • Endless Rope
  • Flying Pull-up Bar