Torque X-SIEGE - 24 X 4 Foot Siege Storage Cable Rack - X1 Package



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Torque X-SIEGE - 24 X 4 Foot Siege Storage Cable Rack - X1 Package - XSSC-4-24-X1

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  • Freestanding
  • Three Lifting Stations
  • Weight Storage
  • Customizable
  • Model: XSSC-4-24-X1

The Siege Storage Cable Rack blends traditional and functional weightlifting capabilities into one piece of equipment. This versatile 24 x 4 foot half cage system with cable columns comes with three multi-grip crosses as well as three sets of bar supports and bar catches. The six Cable Component Stations allow multiple athletes to work out side by side and enjoy a dynamic workout. Get through your team’s entire workout with this innovative piece of equipment. For your convenience, the X-Siege system does not have to be bolted to the floor.

Available in 5 different colors: Storm Grey, High Wear Red, Blue, Orange, and Platinum.

All X-Siege systems are customizable. You can add any number of stations, various cross members, and other additions. Contact us to design a custom solution that fits your exact specifications!

Main Options / Substitutions

  • Ball Target
  • Pull-up Crosses
  • Dip/Step/Attachment Anchor
  • Upper Band Peg Attachment
  • Upright Colors
  • Platform & Insert
  • Ground Rotational Trainer
  • Battle Rope Anchor
  • Endless Rope
  • Flying Pull-up Bar
  • Heavy Bag Attachment

289.5” x 99.3” (735 cm x 252 cm)


Frame 107.1" (272 cm) Optional Ball Target 129.0" (328 cm)


336” x 207” (853 cm x 525 cm)


9 ft (XRACK-9U) Only


and Platinum, Blue, High Wear Red, Orange, Storm Grey


17 year frame and welds / 1 year parts / 90 days misc.