Weightroom Design


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Start your weight room design process today. Place your order to receive the Weight Room Design Questionnaire and fill it out as completely as possible.

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Starting with information on the size of your facility and the number athletes training, BFS professionals will work with your staff to equip your weight room with exactly the Racks, platforms, benches, etc. you need to succeed. Based on these consultations BFS has full in-house design capabilities to give you a computer generated weight room layout. This is an invaluable tool to understand how your weight room will look and why BFS designed weight rooms will provide an effective and safe environment for your students and athletes.

Once your weight room layout is complete and equipment is selected BFS can provide presentation quality 3D renderings of your new weight room. Showing a variety of views and accurately representing any custom color options in paint and vinyl 3D renderings are a great tool for presenting your weight room plans to administrators and/or boosters.

Installation: Ask your BFS Professional for options and details. BFS has an installation option available. We will deliver and completely install your weight room in just a couple of days. A turnkey solution for the busy coach or institution.

Completion: Your new weight room will have all of the quality, design, and function to run safely and efficiently for years to come!

Click Here to See Examples of Completed Weightrooms

Don't Forget!

Flooring: BFS carries many flooring options for your weight room. Don't overlook this critical component of a safe and complete weight training environment. Protect your floor and get the perfect surface for your needs.

Coaches Weight Room Certification: To ensure the highest levels of competence among coaches and physical educators, we offer a Hands-On Certification Course that includes a continuing education program. Learn more here.