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The new Witty has been designed to fully satisfy timing requirements connected to the new training methods.

The compact size and anatomical form make the Witty timer practical and easy to use in the field.

The Witty's wireless transmission allows coaches to move around the training field and can provide immediate feedback to athletes. Witty has been developed to satisfy timing requirements for all forms of training and testing. The timer comes with a variety of pre-configured tests, used in athletic preparation (including sprint, shuttle, endurance, course), it also allows the trainer to define and set sport specific customized tests.

Witty may be used in combination with the  OptoJump Next system of analysis and measurement.

The photocells have the purpose of giving the external start impulse and to stop the test, as well as recording intermediate times during the sprint/run test with modular systems if needed.


  • new, intuitive, easy to use graphical interface
  • simple and quick learning process
  • color display
  • perform all the tests typical of modern athletic preparation (such as sprint, shuttle, resistance, courses) or customized ones
  • single or double photocells available
  • unlimited extra photocells for unlimited intermediate times
  • acquire results with an accuracy higher than one thousandth of a second
  • easy and fast repositioning of the photocells when passing from one exercise to another, thanks to a reliable wireless transmission (range 150 m)
  • calculate speed (km/h, m/s, mph)
  • battery powered (10 hour autonomy)
  • very quick Witty to PC data transfer (for rankings, data assessment and export), thanks to the USB interface
  • self-configuring photocells
  • several transmission frequencies available
  • water resistant
  • great portability is insured by the included backpack
  • compatibility with Optojump Next system
  • the system is largely expandable with the possibility to add (single or double) photocells for lap times, accessories such as starting pads, time displaying LED boards, direction indicators, etc.

The Basic Kit contains:

  • 1 Witty timer
  • 2 photocells
  • 2 reflectors
  • 4 tripods
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 wall power supply (with 4 different plugs for all world standards ) + 3 USB cables for charging the timer and 2 photocells simultaneously
  • 1 USB-PC cable
  • 1 USB memory stick containing Witty manuals and Witty manager software
  • 1 cord

Also Available

  • Intermediate Add-on Kit - includes
    • photocell
    • 1 reflector
    • 1 Tripod
  • Backpack for Intermediate Add-on Kit

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