X-CREATE Base Wall Packages

SKU: 5TQ-XCW-8M-05

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The base of all X-CREATE systems, the Base Module Walls are the starting point for X-CREATE. Start here and choose how many base modules you need, then add Module and Attachment Options to build your custom X-CREATE. Each base module comes standard with 1 Pull-up Station, 2 Suspension Anchors, and Urethane boots to cover anchoring hardware.

X-CREATE Uprights are available in the following colors: Platinum, Black


X-Create 1 Module Wall,

X-Create 2 Module Wall,

X-Create 3 Module Wall,

X-Create 4 Module Wall,

X-Create 5 Module Wall,

X-Create 6 Module Wall,

X-Create 7 Module Wall,

X-Create 8 Module Wall,

X-Create 9 Module Wall,

X-Create 10 Module Wall

Add Storage

  • Storage Module (XCREATE-4SM)
  • Accessory/Weight Storage Module (XCREATE-4AWSM)
  • Ball and Hanging Storage (XCREATE-4BHS)

Add Functionality

  • Olympic Lifting Station Module (XCREATE-8OLS)
  • Stall Bars (XCREATE-4SB)
  • Ball Target Wall (XCREATE-4BTW)
  • TANK™ Docking Module (XCREATE-4TDM)
  • Bridge & Monkey Bar Options (See X-Create Bridge)
  • Module Extension (XCREATE-8UME)