4 Ways to Avoid Injury in the Weight Room

4 Ways to Avoid Injury in the Weight Room

March 15, 2019

The Weight Room can be an extremely dangerous place when not used properly. At BFS we have 40+ years of experience helping coaches and teachers run their weight rooms safely and effectively. Over the years we have come across 4 easy things that you can do today to make your facility safer. Watch the video to learn more...

BFS has created a service called, "BFS Weight Room Consultation" to help schools districts assess their weight rooms for safety concerns and effectiveness. Interested in this service?

Here is a video about BFS Weight Room Consultation:

BFS also offers BFS Weight Room Safety/Strength & Conditioning Certification (BFS WRSC) to coaches and teachers around the world. Interested in hosting a BFS In-Service Certification or attending a BFS Regional Certification? Get more info here.

Weight Room Safety/Strength Certification Online!

Improve athletic performance AND weight room safety.

The proven BFS Total Programis the best way to train Students and Athletes. Make this winning program part of your training. With 6 video modules, over 5 hours of content, online theory test, this certification is the complete course.


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