15 Minutes on Implementing the BFS Total Program

15 Minutes on Implementing the BFS Total Program

November 04, 2015

The BFS Total Program is a proven path to athletic excellence. Over 40 years thousands of teams have improved thier records and won districts, divisions and championships after implementing the Total Program.

Boys, girls, soccer, football, volleyball or track - it does not matter, running faster and jumping higher will improve your winning chances. And strength training and conditioning will build your speed and power. The BFS Total Program provides a clear system of record keeping so you know that the training done in the weight room is translating to results on the field of play.

BFS Advantage

BFS has the advantage of working directly with high school coaches and teachers for 40 years and understands the constraints for time student athletes have. Consequently we know of no other progam that can successfully improve every athlete and student on your team or in your class. With this progam every athlete, every player will break at least 8 personal records in strength and performance EVERY WEEK!

Path to Success

BFS offers a number of paths to installing the Total Program from the "Total Program Package" to our Two Day Championship Camps. Right now through the end of the year BFS is offering 25% off Two Day Championship Camps booked before Dec 31st. However dates do fill up quickly and we encourage you to contact a BFS rep (800-628-9737) to ensure you get the dates you need.

This is the year you can make a difference the legacy of your team and school!

25% Off BFS Championship Camps - Call 800-628-9737

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