BFS Impacts Large and Small Districts Across the Country

BFS Impacts Large and Small Districts Across the Country

October 19, 2017

BFS is a company founded and built by teachers and coaches, for teachers and coaches. The BFS Total Program is a training program that came into existence to solve the problem of unifying training for sports and physical education students. The original coaches of BFS were inspired by track and field athletes who used the weight room to run faster, throw further and leap higher - all skills that are essential to excelling in most other sports. So the Total Program was born to bring these development and training techniques to the entire student body.

Early on, by working with many of the brightest educators BFS has learned that the core strength training exercises used for athletics are also extremely valuable in developing all young students. Weight training is fantastic for postural improvement and balanced physical development as young people mature. Of course, this sort of development is not gender specific and the BFS Total Program can be implemented across the entire student body. By creating a culture of common language and goals in the weight room students and athletes can benefit from semester to semester and season to season.

Now, school districts across the country are maximizing the positive impacts that a unified training program can bring. Beginning with broad services from BFS such as Weight Room Viability Consultation and BFS Professional Development Days, multiple schools are able to reap the benefits of BFS in an affordable and time effective way. Then, BFS offers impactful Championship Camps, Total Program Clinics and Teachers Weight Room Safety Certifications to really get your school and program to the next level!

Reach out to BFS at 800-628-9737 to learn more about how BFS has impacted such diverse districts as the large, urban New York Public Schools and rural New Mexico's Central Consolidated School District.

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