BFS on the Road in Aledo Texas!

BFS on the Road in Aledo Texas!

June 19, 2017

Inspiration from a legendary Texas program

BFS Clinician JIm Brown is on the road again. BFS Clinicians are privileged to travel around the country and help athletes students and coaches reach their full potential. On these journeys we get to meet with some of the brightest and best influencers in athletics.

This month Clinician and Coach, Jim Brown was in Texas and was honored to meet with Steve Wood, Head Football Coach of the 6 time, 5A Texas State Champions, Aledo Bearcats. After running the table at 16 - 0 The Aledo Texas Bearcats have been recognized by MaxPreps as one of the top 25 varsity football programs out of more than 1700 programs across the country and have received the National Guard National Ranking Trophy.

Coach Wood was, of course, familiar with the BFS Total Program and shared his respect for the program with Coach Brown. Coach Wood noted that emphasizing parallel squats and cleans is a key to Aledo's success. These lifts are central to the BFS Total Program and are part of the "BFS Core Lifts" which we recommend for every athlete - no matter the sport.

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