Dead Lift Tips

Dead Lift Tips

April 19, 2021

Dead Lift Tips 

There is absolutely no question about the dead lift It is a misunderstood lift. The dead lift can be a coach's most valuable motivational tool. However, many coaches fear lower back pain. Many mistakes can be made which cause this problem. Starting with The Six Absolutes of Perfect Technique we have written several articles about spotting and our book, posters, and magazine describe how to spot to keep the weight back on the lifter's heels to prevent lower back pain.

Here are three more tips which should prove valuable. 

1) Number of Reps:

The maximum number of heavy reps that should ever be attempted is FIVE.

As the body becomes fatigued because of too many reps, it becomes harder and harder to maintain good form. Dead lifting is gruesome but highly rewarding if you'll keep your reps down to 5 or less. 

2) Number of Times Per Week: 

Only one time per week is needed. Recovery is just as important as the lifting with heavy weights.

3) Technique of Rep Work: 

This is critical. Do not pause with the weight on the floor in between reps. Doing reps in this manner puts great stress and pressure on any lifter's lower back and his entire system. Tap the weight making sure the bar is very close to the lifter's shins. Tapping the weight keeps the body "locked in" at all times while aiding the beginning of the lift with momentum. The difference is gigantic. Your athletes will advance and keep making personal bests!



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