Hex Bar Advantages

Hex Bar Advantages

August 22, 2023

The question of whether the hex bar deadlift is better than the straight bar deadlift depends on individual goals, biomechanics. Both variations of the deadlift have their advantages and can be effective in different ways.

Here are some reasons why BFS prefers the hex bar deadlift over the straight bar deadlift:

  1. Biomechanics: The hex bar deadlift allows for a more upright torso position compared to the straight bar deadlift. This can potentially reduce the stress on the lower back and put less shear force on the spine. This more upright posture encourages the athlete to keep the weight in the BFS Power Line.

  2. Reduced Stress on Lumbar Spine: As mentioned earlier, the hex bar deadlift's biomechanics can potentially reduce stress on the lumbar spine, making it a safer option for individuals and young athletes.

  3. Easier to Learn: Some people find the hex bar deadlift easier to learn and perform correctly because of its more natural hand positioning and the fact that the bar is centered around the body. This can make it a good option for beginners or those who are new to strength training. Good coaching is still paramount for any lifting!

However, it's important to note that the straight bar deadlift also has its own advantages:

  1. Cost: The deadlift is a great lift for increasing strength across the athletes posterior chain for speed and baseline strength. While BFS strongly recommends the Hex Bar for its alignment advantages, ease to learn, we know that the cost of another set of bars is sometime a barrier to schools. So don't skip your deadlifts altogether - use the straight bar - but put those Hex Bars in the budget as your program grows! 

  2. Strength Transfer: The straight bar deadlift can have some carryover to other activities that involve lifting and moving objects from the ground using a similar movement pattern such as a clean.

  3. Variety and Well-Rounded Training: Incorporating both hex bar and straight bar deadlifts into a training routine can provide variety and a more well-rounded approach to strength development. This can help prevent plateaus and overuse injuries that can result from exclusively using one variation..

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