The Posterior Chain and BFS: Unleashing Power and Performance

The Posterior Chain and BFS: Unleashing Power and Performance

August 07, 2023

One of the most significant aspects of any strength and conditioning regimen is training the posterior chain. This term refers to the muscle groups spanning from the lower back down to the heels, encompassing the glutes, hamstrings, and the erector spinae. When trained correctly, the posterior chain becomes a formidable powerhouse, enhancing performance and warding off injuries.

The posterior chain propels us forward during sprinting, stabilizes us during heavy lifts, and provides support and balance. To put your team on a winning path keep focus on this area, using strength training. Exercises like deadlifts, parallel squats, and glute/ham raises, to name a few, can ignite these muscles, releasing athletic potential.

Understanding the importance to athletic performance a strong posterior chain provides does not mean we focus on this area alone! The BFS Total Program has this speed and power enhancing strength built into your core lifts! Getting better with BFS means getting faster and more competitive every day. Staying focused on just breaking records in your sets and reps every week will put your athletes and students on a path to balanced development. The benefits - increased strength and improved performance - are truly worth it.

Here's to powerful glutes, resilient hamstrings, and a robust lower back!

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