Taking Charge with Dakota G. Elliott

Taking Charge with Dakota G. Elliott

April 10, 2018

Written by Dakota G. Elliott

BFS is the best program for youth or anyone wanting to learn a great amount as they progress. I would even argue it’s great for college-level athletes simply because of the growth and development that comes with the constant challenge that is your work out.

As a high school freshman, I was 6’2 and 170 lbs and was told that because I was so slow and underdeveloped that I would have to be an offensive lineman. I was crushed because I wanted to do something different.

That year I worked out 2 times a day 6 days a week only doing BFS! My sophomore year I walked into football camp 210 and 6’4. I performed so well coaches thought I was a new kid from out of town. I was able to score a varsity D-line position in a 3A high school as a sophomore. As a junior, I thought I had it in the bag not thinking that BFS was what pushed me so far ahead. I didn’t work half as hard and it showed. I was now 6’6 and only 215. I performed awfully in front of many coaches that I could have had a future with. 

As a Senior I realized my mistake by the end of my final high school football game. Out of all the thoughts I had one stood out “why didn’t I work more when I had all the tools at my disposal”. I realized I had no hope of getting to college with any sport if I were to stay the same. 

I took to the weight room, I grabbed the BFS teacher's book and I didn’t leave that room tell I felt confident I knew what the plan of attack would be! And man did it pay off!! I offered a starting position as a 17-year-old boy at 6’6 and 260 LBS on a semipro football team. I stood out in this league gaining attention from all the schools I had hoped I would attend! 

I would like to point out that there is no program that offers such success and growth for the teen body. As a teen your recovery is almost anabolic, meaning you can push yourself with this program further than if you were to do anything else! The way the program is set up you stay challenged and motivated to grow change and learn! All fitness aside you will learn just as much as any fitness coach at your local gym!

Believe in what you want and push yourself! With this program and you will be more than you hoped for. Never limit yourself while using this program because it will only blow the roof off your hopes and dreams.



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