Weight Room Safety is No Accident

Weight Room Safety is No Accident

July 23, 2019

At BFS we know that teaching your students to reach their full potential is paramount for every teacher and coach. Students and athletes can't reach that potential if they are out of balance, or worse yet, injured. 

At Morrilton, Arkansas Jim Brown, one of our most experienced clinicians, led 23 teachers and coaches from across all sports and ages in a BFS Weight Room Safety and Strength Certification (WRSC). This certification gives every teacher and coach who enters the weight room the tools they need to help thier athletes and students excell. The Impact of a BFS Clinic has been felt by thousands of programs and yours could be next!

Assisting Coach Brown this day were his twin granddaughters Krisman and Kaylee, both amazing examples of young women with "Be An 11" attitudes. 

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