Power Guide


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Receive the Power Squat Guide and Download the complete system booklet!

A result-producing opportunity to create STRONG minds and bodies, especially at the young age of a child developing healthy exercise activity and knowledge patterns.  We hope the youth involved in this program will carry these patterns throughout their growing years, further developing healthy, wise and useful habits that will last their entire lives.

This Total Body Weight Training System is designed to be done three days a week but you are in control of what days work best for you and your schedule. As with ALL body weight-training programs you get out what you put in to it. Attention to fine details, technique and of course effort can give you RESULTS! The biggest bonus to this system is incorporating the Power Guide into the training. This tool will not only help develop your body but may actually fix most mechanical movement issues you may have.

Just by properly positioning your body and distributing weight properly can lead to many potential benefits including but not limited to: reduction of knee injuries and low back irritations, improvement of speed, agility, glute/hamstring flexibility, and overall muscular endurance. It starts with the most basic of movements, squatting! It doesn’t matter if it’s a deep or shallow squat; your neurological system adjusts to control your weight distribution through movement. It influences everything you do.

If your movement patterns are not adequate or efficient, how much more improvement could you have to execute an athletic movement or even everyday tasks if you don’t even realize what that potential could be. The Power Guide will help correct deficiencies through repetitive corrections. It takes a lot of reps for the neurological system to adapt if the pattern is not continually addressed. So let’s discuss the most important and basic of movements to implement when using the Power Guide so it makes sense; the Power Guide Squat.