Instructional Materials

BFS Log Books, Posters, and Instructional Material

At BFS we are committed to helping your young students and athletes reach their full, individual, potential. Central to this is measuring and recording achievements the students make weekly and daily. Kids love the challenge and results and coaches and teachers love watching their charges gain confidence, self-esteem, speed, and strength! 

Whether you are learning the BFS Total Program for the first time or looking to improve your mobility through flexibility Bigger Faster Stronger has the information you need. From character education to speed and plyos you can find the answers to your goals here!

"Basics of the BFS Set Rep Log Book" A free course with BFS President John Rowbotham

This 7 video course takes you through the first 5 weeks of taking charge of your team's destiny!

The BFS Set Rep System has been a proven winner for 45 years. This series details each week of the Set Rep Rotational System gives insight into the BFS Readiness program, and offers lots of "finer points" on running the program. Use this video course to help instruct your teachers, coaches, and students.