Basics of the BFS Set Rep Log Book

All New Plyo Charts In the 2021 Set Rep Log!

The VARSITY SET is great for high school teams and PE programs while the "READINESS SET" will introduce your middle school athletes these fun and dynamic exercises! Through November!


The Set Rep Log Book is the Cornerstone of the BFS Total Program 

You can only break records if you keep records! At BFS we are committed to helping your young students and athletes reach their full, individual, potential. Central to this is measuring and recording achievements the students make weekly and daily. The BFS Total Program sets up the pupils for success encouraging eight broken records each week. Kids love the challenge and results and coaches and teachers love watching their charges gain in confidence, self esteem, speed, and strength! 

The BFS Set Rep System has been a proven winner for over 40 years. This series details each week of the Set Rep Rotational System, gives insight into the BFS Readiness program and offers lots of "finer points" on running the program. Please use this video course to help instruct your teachers, coaches and students.

We are available for further questions at anytime: call a BFS Coach at 800-628-9737. To order materials needed to run the BFS Set Rep System visit our instructional pagesYou can find Set Rep Logbooks, the BFS Set Rep App, Beat the Computer and more. 

Learn the BFS Set Rep Log Book



The BFS Set Rep Log Book is a cornerstone of the BFS Total Program that has been vital to the success of tens of thousands of school athletic and PE programs for nearly 59 years!

Now expanded with record keeping for more performance tests than ever before and offers extra logs for variations of the BFS Core Lifts. 

The new Plyometric section incorporates the BFS Speed and Plyo Program directly into the BFS Set Rep Log Book. Explosive power and leaping are now tracked and maximized as athletes improve their strength and conditioning with the BFS Total Program! 



BFS has a subscription plan for every size team, class or school. Now you can get BFS's famous Set-Rep Log system for your computer, tablet, and phone.  You can keep the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books, but get the management functions and portability of a phone app.

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Get the Six Absolutes Poster Set to keep your athletes on point in the weight room! 

One reason the Six Absolutes are so amazingly effective is that all coaches can use the same terminology when teaching weight training and sports skills. After all, how can athletes be expected to follow instructions exactly when the instructions they receive seem different? Such confusion also goes against the concept of developing a unified program. Therefore, when teaching the squat, instead of one coach saying, "Make your chest big!" and another coach at batting practice saying, "Spread the chest!" both coaches will simply say, "Spread the chest!"