2021school year is giving way to summer and a new year. There is real progress on returning our schools and education systems back to normal! But we are not quite there yet. BFS has not been standing still and throughout the year we have brought many online tools and courses to our coaches, teachers, and athletes. 

BFS is committed to helping you start the new year strong and get you prepared to make 2021 a complete turnaround!

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Find 5 Options Below - Take Charge of 2021

FIRST: Legendary Leadership from BFS Online!

The Be An 11 seminar that has impacted 1000s of students across the country is now available for distance learning. Hosted by BFS President Rowbotham and contains all the info from our legendary live seminars. This house can be broken up to a weekly lesson plan - or used as one-day intensive for bringing together teams and classes!

"I have witnessed the BFS '11' program at two different High Schools.  John Rowbotham conducted a live presentation at Lincoln High School and we had 5 participants go through the On-Line Course at Monte Vista High School.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone.  Whether you have leaders or your program is struggling with leadership, it is a great program. 
There are many motivational stories and examples that can help coaches get their message to their players.  I found it really helps the players to hear from other professionals besides me.  This truly helped us and I believe this program will help many others."
Ron Hamamoto, Head Football Coach, Monte Vista HS  


SECOND: BFS WRSC Online Certification

Take charge of your future, your program's future, your team's future. Getting certified now, at home, over the holiday break will help you learn skills and techniques to maximize the results of your athletes training. AND help your school reduce liability with in-depth training on safety in the weight room.

Get BFS WRSC Certified without leaving your home or school and make this winning program part of your training regimen.

Not only will this certification ensure that you know how to improve athletic performance, but you will also learn techniques that will significantly improve the safety of every PE and sports program.

Already WRSC Ceritified? Don't forget to renew your certification!

THIRD: Set Rep Log App

New low price per athlete; from 1 to 1000!

Track your students progress and success via a convenient app on the phone, tablet or computer.

You can keep the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books, but get the management functions and portability of a phone app.

  • Predefined weekly schedules included with recommended lifts for all common sports
  • Customize your weekly schedule using any lift on any day.  Add any lifts you want.
  • Coaches or administrators can see all teams and athletes at a glance, including scores, records broken, and trends for any one athlete or any team
  • Keep your weight room electronics safe with the BFS Tech Protector

FOURTH: Free Home Workout:

In the summer and fall the BFS At Home Workout was a HUGE success. We will continue provide this 12 week fitness plan free for students and teachers that need to keep social distancing a priority! Listen to Coach Berenson recount his positive experience with the free program:  Preparing Today, Taking the Initiative


FIFTH: The BFS True Squat App

Get Now on the Apple App Store!

Like having a coach judging every squat to maximize results!

From BFS, an app for your smart phone or pad to measure your squat depth to ensure you are getting the optimal results from your training!

With the phone strapped to your thigh, the app uses your phone's accelerometers to sound a beep and tell you when you reach TRUE parallel on each rep.  It also counts your reps and lets you know when you've finished your set.


True Squat Strap
Get the TrueSquat Strap to keep your phone in the perfect position on your thigh while you squat.