BFS Dot Drill

The BFS Dot Drill not only warms-up your muscles but it also increases your agility. The Dot Drill will be hard at first. It is tiring and you may appear clumsy. However if you will do it six times a week, in a very short time, improvement will come rapidly. You can have quick feet in a month or two.
Each athlete should set two goals. The first goal is to do the Dot Drill 6 times per week and the second goal should be to increase speed.

To do the Dot Drill, dots need to be placed on the floor. It works best if 4” round dots are painted on the floor. Some coaches paint many stations for larger groups. An athlete at home can use anything approved by his/her parents to mark the dots (i.e. masking tape). BFS sells a Dot Drill Pad that has a great non-slip surface with integrated dots here

Here are simple tips to get started

Download your free Dot Drill Instructional PDF Here.
Youth, PE student, and Athletic Development all benefit from a proper warm up and effective agility training. Imagine the improvements in time management and physical development that can arise from getting your entire school or district on the same page!