Preachers Curl Bench - Muscle D

SKU: 5mdbm-pcb

Muscle D's range of fitness benches are made from heavy-duty, durable tubing. This means they can endure the wear and tear of everyday usage. They also feature super-comfortable foam and robust upholstery – some also have handles and wheels for convenient portability. Although the Flat Bench and Utility Bench are considered fundamentals in every fitness facility, our range extends way beyond the basics. We offer an Adjustable Decline Bench, Flat Incline Decline Bench, and Flat To Incline Bench so exercisers can use gravity to their advantage. The Preacher Curl Bench and Hyper Extension Bench are also welcome additions that prove popular with dedicated strength training enthusiasts.


• heavy-duty. Durable tubing
• extra comfortable chest and elbow cushions
• chromed curl bar holders
• 43″ l x 33″w x  39″h, 110 lb
• 109 cm x 84 cm x 99 cm, 50 kg