85" Smith Machine - Muscle D

SKU: 5mdmd-sm85
Our Smith Machines are ruggedly designed and powerfully built, with oversize oval tubing. They’re a perfect fit for rooms with lower ceiling heights, such as basement spaces or mezzanines. Precision linear bearings provide a super-smooth bar operation, so exercisers can focus on their technique instead of the machine. They also feature an almost weightless Olympic bar with counterbalance.


• Rugged, powerfully built with oversize tubing
• Perfect fit for lower ceiling rooms
• Laser cut bar holder position rack
• Three convenient chromed weight plate holders per side
• Precision linear bearings provide super smooth bar operation
• Nearly weightless Olympic bar with counterbalance
• 86” l x ” 52” w x 85” h, 485 lb
• 173 cm x 102 cm x 173 cm, 220 kg