Crofton, MD to Kit Carson, CO

Crofton, MD to Kit Carson, CO

August 06, 2020

Among the many benefits that BFS receives for our work to bring safe, effective, strength training to young students and athletes across the country is the opportunity to visit so many caring and committed communities. In all regions and states we experience dedicated professionals and involved citizens that are doing all they can to help the young generation grow with self esteem and character through physical development and athletics.

This month BFS has traveled to Crofton, Maryland and Kit Carson, Colorado where crews and administrations have worked tirelessly through unprecedented challenges to open new  high schools in this most difficult year. BFS is honored to have the chance to work alongside these people, and within state health and safety regulations, to ensure that, when its time, these communities will be providing their students the best possible environment to grow.

With different student bodies, different budgets, and different resources both of these schools have have found a way to bring the best to their new facilities. BFS proudly brings not only equipment but the training and expertise to guide coaches and teachers in effective and safe use of the weight room no matter the goals of the individual students. From PE to athletic championships BFS applies all of our 45 years of experience to each project and school. Our weight room safety certification (WRSC) applies equally to new weight rooms, refurbished weight rooms and existing weight rooms. Our BFS Total Program has helped achieve new levels of success in all high school sports from cross country, to lacrosse, to 6 man football in small town America.


Please let BFS know what is going on in your community, we would love to help in any way we can.



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