Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About BFS!

Five Things You  Probably Didn't Know About BFS!

September 15, 2017

With over 41 years in the business, BFS has established itself as the leader in athletic and physical fitness training. We've not only shared our message through our magazine, website, and social media outlets, but our clinicians have given nearly 20,000 hands-on total program clinics, coaching certifications, and character education seminars. Despite this exposure, there are a few unique aspects of BFS that many people may not know about. Here are five of them:

1. We are the only program to support unification.
Unification is the concept that all high school and middle school athletes will adhere to the same basic training philosophy... Learn more in the July issue
2. We've made teaching biomechanics simple.
BFS has developed six training principles, or absolutes, that are amazingly effective in teaching perfect technique not only in the weight room but also in any sport... Learn more in the July issue
3. We are leaders in character education.
BFS has developed a character education program called Be an 11... Learn more in the July issue
4. We have a tremendous networking ability.
Access more than 5,000 articles over the past 37 years that include inspirational success stories, advice from top coaches and sport scientists, and the latest information on liability and safety - at no cost, with no obligation. Learn more in the July issue
5. We have exceptional Clinics, Certifications and Professional Development Days.
BFS also offers regional and on-site certification clinics, along with a complete line of multi-media educational materials, to teach coaches and athletes how to exercise for maximum performance with minimal risk of injury... Learn more in the July issue

Don't miss all that BFS can do for your school and program!
BFS is a popular and effective training method with a 41-year history of success. It's here to stay, unlike other workouts that have failed to stand the test of time. The BFS program has proven it's the perfect program for any high school athlete, male or female, and it’s ideal for coaches who deal with large numbers of athletes. With its proven track record of success, we are confident that BFS offers the best program for you and your athletes.

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