Join BFS President and CEO John Rowbotham as he appears on the BCPS health & physical education podcast. 

Join BFS President and CEO John Rowbotham as he appears on the BCPS health & physical education podcast. 

November 07, 2021

Justin O'Brien, BCPS Supervisor Physical Education, hosts this wide-ranging interview which covers many aspects of the BFS Total Program. Starting with the BFS approach to weight room designs and solutions which start with safety first and respect for budget constraints. 

Rowbotham and O'Brien then delve into the BCPS commitment to physical development as a lifelong tool and skill for all growing bodies and NOT just for athletes. While BFS came to prominence in football training Rowbotham reminds us that the BFS Total Program was originally developed by three Physical Education teachers! 

Safety, inclusion, decision making, and goal setting are all tied together with the groundbreaking "Be An 11" character development seminars. Baltimore County students and teachers all are committed to being their best and BFS values the trust and belief that BCPS places in BFS to be their long-time partner in helping the students reach thier full potential.

Ready to get started with your journey to success on and off the field? Visit the BFS Total Program Start Page.

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SAVE ON THE "BE AN 11" FOR YOUR SCHOOL  $20 to $1500
Depending on the size of your class or team! 

Like most educators, you are no doubt constantly seeking ways to encourage, motivate and inspire achievement. Our dynamic seminar presenters will infuse your athletic program with a greater vision. Along with that vision, they will teach your athletes how to set higher goals, work harder and become better people as they create their own value system with higher standards.

The full, legendary BFS BE AN 11 Seminar is now available for distance learning! This online course is the full Be An 11 broken into chapters for ease of presenting as class assignments over time, perfect for Health or PE, or as a one-day intensive training for teams and clubs!
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" The Most Inspiring Night of My Life! "
    - Kyle Meyers, Rutherford B. Hayes OH

" Reaffirmed the Reason I Entered Coaching 25 Years Ago. "
     - Coach Al McFarland 

" Every School in the Nation Should Schedule a Be An 11 Seminar Today!
   It is Without a Doubt the Best Thing that has Happened to Our School. "
     - Coach T. Cox
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