6 Areas of Impact! BFS and Angus Reid

6 Areas of Impact! BFS and Angus Reid

February 22, 2019

This is a multi-part, in-depth interview BFS president John Rowbotham conducted with professional football player Angus Reid. This fascinating insight into the impact the BFS Total Program had on a young athlete looking to maximize his potential is instructive.

The same athlete's achievements gained by sticking with a real program, not a series of workouts, is motivating.

Angus's message to today's youth is INSPIRING!

Angus was featured in the BFS Magazine in the spring of 2007. He recently retired from the CFL after playing 13 years of professional football. Angus is a lifelong BFS athlete. He is the author of "Thank You Coach"

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Players, coaches, and teachers like Angus Reid have used the BFS Total Program for over 40 years. They have found success on all levels. Improving a team's season record or going all the way to a championship is not uncommon for teams that adopt the program. Individuals working to breaking personal records find BFS a real stepping stone to success. And students gaining self-esteem and lifelong habits of goal setting, responsibility, and physical fitness is the greatest accomplishment we can have at BFS.

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