A Common Thread in Wisconsin’s Middle Border Conference

A Common Thread in Wisconsin’s Middle Border Conference

November 12, 2019

Coach DisalvoThe Middle Border Conference is arguably the best Division IV football conference in the state of Wisconsin. The enrollment in Division IV in Wisconsin averages around 400-500 students. Let’s take a look at the past 8 years in the Middle Border Conference:

2018 – Saint Croix Central loses 8-7 in State Championship Game
2017 – Saint Croix Central loses to Lodi (another BFS school) in overtime in State Championship game
2016 – Saint Croix Central - State Champions 49-28 over River Valley
2015 – Osceola – State Champions 28-0 over River Valley
2014 – Somerset – State Champions 28-16 over little Chute
2013 – Somerset loses by 2 in the semi-finals
2012 – Somerset – State Champions 35-33 over Big Foot
2011 – Somerset loses in 2 OTs to Wrightstown in State Title game

Seven of the past eight years a Middle Border Conference School has played for the Division IV State Championship.  Not a bad track record, but why are these schools so successful?  One consideration is the style of offense.  All of these offenses are run orientated with limited passing.  The defenses are premised on stopping the run first and many athletes play both ways.  With that said the other common denominator is, they all use the Bigger Faster Stronger Total Program. The athletes you see on the football field are as good as any level in the state.   Why?

Bruce Larson implemented the BFS system at Somerset in the early 2000’s and Somerset has won three State Championships with three 2nd place finishes.  Somerset has had numerous players go on to play at all levels of college football with a few in the NFL.  Somerset high school has had numerous clinics over the past 13 years with clinician Jeff Scurran.  BFS impacts athletics and PE: Bruce currently teaches 5 classes a day of strength and conditioning using the BFS system.

Scott Newton brought the BFS system with him when he was hired at Osceola High School in 2010.  Scott used the BFS program as a high school student at Glenwood City and went on to become a State Champion Wrestler.  Osceola’s only loss in the last two years was to fellow MBC rival Saint Croix Central this fall in the quarter-finals by 7 points. Strength training reaches beyond athletics: Scott teaches 4 classes a day of Strength and Conditioning using the BFS system.

Athletic Director Jeremy Kerg knew he had to do something to prepare his students for the transition to the Middle Border Conference coming in 2014.  Saint Croix Central was the largest school in the Dunn-Saint Croix Conference and had limited success in all sports, often being knocked out of the football playoffs by Somerset in Level one or two.  Central would now be in the middle of the pack as far as enrollment in the MBC.  After the BFS clinic was held in April of 2014 with BFS clinician Dennis Moon, SCC has adapted quite well in the MBC with two second-place finishes and a State Football Championship.  In Wisconsin, there are numerous other success stories of schools using the BFS program and having success at the state level.  As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.”

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Dennis L Moon

Dennis L Moon said:

In 2019. three teams from the Middle Border made the playoffs. Baldwin-Woodville made it to round two and Saint Croix Central lost in overtime in the quarter finals.


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