Isaiah Lamb - BFS 11

Isaiah Lamb

December 18, 2020

Isaiah Lamb is and exceptional young man who has worked hard - step by step - to carve out a life setting, reaching and crushing his goals! 

A committed BFS Athlete since his high school career Lamb credits his success to discipline learned in early morning BFS workouts. Bringing his best every day to strength and conditioning led to outstanding achievement on the court at Dulaney High School. So much so Lamb went on to play D1 basketball. 

In his college years Isaiah doubled down on his commitment to out work the players ahead of him. HIs goal setting skills kept him on track as he made the tough transition from being the senior "big man on campus" in high school to being the freshman newcomer competing with mature men in the college game. By his sophomore year he achieved the playing time he was working for. 

Lamb has since gone on to play professional ball. He now has established Lo-Lamb, a fitness company that is committed to giving back to his Baltimore roots. Every purchase helps fund charities with a particular emphasis on the youth in his home state.

Isaiah knows first hand that dedication discipline, commitment, everyday is crucial to achieving goals but he knows that to have real passion for your goals your have to have fun! The team bonding and friendly completion of those early mornings working the BFS Program - working out and working hard with teammates - goes a long way to developing the joy of sports and sportsmanship. 

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