Preparing Now for the Future

Preparing Now for the Future

December 14, 2020

Learn from Coach Justin Berenson's 23 years of coaching experience. HIs book is a wealth of knowledge no matter what stage your program is at.

Coach Berenson is a committed and imaginative coach that is finding solutions for his young athletes in a difficult year. BFS salutes his initiative and resourcefulness in keeping his team in top shape to play. But Coach Berenson is not just thinking about the fitness but has also authored a book on coaching the game of football that we at BFS are very excited about!  Learn more below!

Building An Exceptional Football Program

Building An Exceptional Football Program

By Coach Berenson

"Justin Berenson has been an outstanding coach for Notre Dame High School for many years. Justin's leadership style draws out the best in his players."

- Kevin Rooney, Athletic Director and Head 

"Coach Berenson not only encouraged me to consider entering the coaching profession, he taught me to look at the game on a deeper level than the face value of formations, run schemes, and protections."

- Anthony Vitale, Offensive Line Coach, Delaware State University

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Preparing Now for the Future
Preparing Today, Taking the Initiative
Being your best.

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