Jim Brown - BFS Legend

Jim Brown - BFS Legend

February 05, 2019

Coach Jim Brown is a man on a mission. He is working tirelessly to help as many kids, students, and athletes as he can. His impact has stretched across 40 years. Since he first began implementing the BFS Total Program to his students in 1978 Coach Brown has recognized the value of a clear and consistent program that all students and athletes can run. Either for sports or physical education classes.

In 1985 Coach Jim Brown saw that he could make an even bigger impact with his commitment to physical education for every child and took the step to become BFS WRSC certified. Now Coach Brown has taught BFS Clinics in 46 different states. Along the journey, he has literally helped thousands of young men and women develop balanced, athletic, physical fitness. And helped them gain the self-confidence and self-esteem that comes with meeting goals and achievements that once seemed unattainable.

Jim Brown

Jim Brown is a committed family man and his belief in the BFS Total Program and his commitment to running the program properly has led to many of his students receiving college scholarships in athletics, including his son and nieces.

Having just turned 70 Coach Brown is not showing any signs of slowing down and has clinics and Coaches WRSC Certifications booked well into 2019! Coach Brown is tireless and his support for coaches he has worked with is always just a phone call away. Read from "The Brotherhood of Piggott High" for insight into Jim Brown's continued effectiveness.

During this interview, Coach Hearn wanted to give a “shout out” to veteran BFS Clinician Jim Brown for helping to implement the BFS Total Program at Piggott and his continued support. He says Coach Brown is only 45 minutes away, and several times he’s come down to help ensure their workouts are running smoothly and advise them on how to continually upgrade their weight room. “Coach Brown is always only a phone call away, and he’ll always pick up the phone.” 

Jim Brown CyclonesCoach Brown's skill at communicating the BFS Total Program is matched only by his knowledge and experience in designing and delivering the best and most effective weight rooms. With priorities on safety and effectiveness, Jim Brown has created hundreds of championship quality weight rooms across the country. For any budget whether your school needs advice on placing a couple of new power racks or designing an 11 million dollar arena Coach Brown always delivers! 


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Bob Bozied

Bob Bozied said:

Jim Brown is the best at what he does!!!!
He is Mr. BFS.
Jim you are the BEST!
My first time clinic was with Jim!
Truly a Legend!

Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle said:

Incredible passion for helping kids and coaches, a keen eye to correct technique and program flaws, and leaves every student, Coach, school, and colleague better for having met him.

Dennis Moon

Dennis Moon said:

I am humbled to be on the Clinician Staff with such a ledgendary coach.

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