Plate Loaded Equipment Delivers on a Budget

Plate Loaded Equipment Delivers on a Budget

March 03, 2017

Sport Specific Answers on Budget

Selectorized equipment is certainly a time-saver. To change resistance the user only has to move a pin attached to the weight stack, and the machines tend to take up less space than plate-loaded equipment, especially when weight holders are required. But in terms of performance, there is no difference between selectorized machines and plate-loaded variations. There is, however, one major advantage of plate-loaded equipment: cost.

Adding a weight stack to an exercise machine significantly increases the cost of the unit. Also, due to the weight of the machines, shipping and handling costs are also higher. Whereas a plate-loaded machine may cost $800 plus $200 to ship, it’s possible that the exact same machine in a selectorized version may cost $1,600 plus $400 or more to ship – seriously, almost double. In today’s economy, that is an important distinction.

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