BFS Plyo Boxes and Your Program

BFS Plyo Boxes and Your Program

August 12, 2019

In recent years more and more coaches in a wide variety of sports are incorporating plyometric box jumping into their training programs. At BFS we have been advocating the use of of this explosive training method for all athletes since our inception over 40 years ago. Plyos are a great way to incorporate the strength gains made with weight lifting and resistance training into dynamic athletic movements that lead to success on the field. After all, BFS is not just about Bigger and Stronger but Bigger Faster Stronger!

Now that we are bringing plyos into training lets look at a few details that can help your equipment be safer and more effective. A plyo box is not the most complicated piece of equipment in your weight room but as athletes push themselves to excel we can reduce the risk of injury with just a couple of design decisions. First, enclosed sides on your box reduce the risk of tripping or banging shins which may happen with open-sided designs. Second, a box with tapered side wall from wider at the base to slightly narrower in the landing pad will alleviate some chance fo the box tipping on an under or overshot landing.

At BFS we have been working with a Total Program for athletic development for over four decades and would love to help your program incorporate a box jumping protocol into your success. We are confident it will raise your game! 

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