Culture Shock!

Culture Shock!

May 09, 2019

When Coach Jessen at Piute High School was looking to change the culture of his school's athletics he did what many coaches and athletic directors do. He looked at upgrading his facility. This is a great step. New equipment and new accessories can really bolster school pride and tangibly demonstrate commitment from parents, administration, and community. 

But equipment is just a great FIRST step. Really changing the attitude of teams also takes a Total Program that gets all students and athletes involved and excited about physical development and physical education. 

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So when Coach Jessen approached BFS regarding investing in weight room equipment we were happy to help. But with Piute High School's emphasis on a real change we were also able to tie in a 1 Day BFS Camp and keep him under budget! The students and the coaches and teachers had a great day as they learned not only proper safety and lifting technique but personal responsibility and goal setting

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